so does this mean we are still getting season 7 with the original cast in english?

can they still use bloomix when they aren’t inside the book?

seriously when is winx club airing again =(

why do they always cut the kiss scenes in winx club??



So there’s a petition right now to try to convince Nickelodeon to air season 7 of Winx Club. I’m not sure how successful it will be, but I do think it’s so important to show Nickelodeon that this little show actually does have fans and that it’s important to keep a show like this on the air. Maybe what we do here can actually make a change.

Anonymous asked:

yes, it's so good to see that they grew up as well. But idk I'd love to watch season 5 and 6 now, but isn't it awkward to buy them now that I'm almost 17?

I usually download the episodes, I dont think there is a specific ag limit to enjoy animation. My dad is in his 40s and he still loves cartoons.

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I loved the show when I was younger (I am 16 now) and I still love to watch it, but I stopped watching after season 4. I really didn't like the 3D animations, that just didn't look right when you grew up with the normal, beautiful 2D version. Also I didn't like all the new transformations, everything became a little bit too much. But your blog makes me want to watch the whole show, with every season!

I hate the 3d animations that for me destroyed the show. But I really like the new 2d animations from season 4 onwards because they improved the fashion aspect aswell as the hairstyles, it got a lot more modern. I grew up with this show , I am older now but I still love it I relate so much to Flora. Thank you so much for enjoying my blog, I have been a bit busy with exams but I am going to update it more with gifs =D

Can’t disney channel pick up Winx Club?